Frequently Asked Questions

How much do field trips cost? In-person field trips have a flat fee of $175, which includes a $100 security charge. Please complete this form if you are interested in scholarships for admission fee or for bus transportation.

Who should attend a field trip? The Center's content and exhibit is tailored to students in grades 5-12 in Washington State and the Pacific Northwest. At this time, we are not scheduling field trips for schools/groups outside of the Northwest. Please visit the Association of Holocaust Organizations' (AHO) membership database to find a local center or museum near you.
Students should have previous knowledge of or lessons about the Holocaust; a field trip does not serve as the first introduction to the topic. The Holocaust Center will provide a guide and lessons to prep and debrief the experience. In addition, consider browsing our menu of Best Practices lesson plans for teaching this subject. If additional suggestions or resources are needed, just let us know!

How many students can you accommodate on a field trip? In-person, the Holocaust Center can accommodate field trips of up to 35 students. Have more students? We can often schedule multiple back-to-back groups at the Center, so ask us about this option! Numerous downtown Seattle attractions are nearby for group rotations. We suggest a student to chaperone ratio of 7:1. Teachers maintain the responsibility of managing their students at all times while in the museum.

How long is a field trip? In-person visits are a minimum of 90 minutes.

What do students do on a field trip? Teachers can pick from one of the two options below.

Option 1: Full Tour (90 mins) - Recommended for grades 9-12*

Our museum educators will guide students through a comprehensive, formal tour of our space, highlighting specific artifacts, photos, and videos.

*We recommend Option 1 for grade 9-12 students as we have observed that grade 5-8 students benefit from Option 2's more interactive format, but we will honor the teacher's choice either way.

Option 2: Tour + Activity (90 mins) - Recommended for grades 5-12

Museum educators will lead a condensed version of our full museum tour followed by an activity. Teachers, choose from the two activities listed below. We recommend this for all grade levels.

Teachers can choose from one of the following activities on their request form:

Exhibit Exploration Scavenger Hunt: Students will explore the exhibit individually using our guided worksheet to uncover artifacts, videos, and photos. After having time to explore, our museum educators will debrief with students to discuss more about what they learned.


Explore & Share: Groups of 3-5 students will be assigned to specific areas of our exhibit. Guided by a group worksheet, they will read and reflect on the features of their specific area before sharing out to the class what they learned.

*Note: As of this year, field trips will no longer show our Survivor Voices film. We strongly encourage teachers to watch this 25-minute film in class as they prepare for the field trip, as it will familiarize your students with the Center and establish a baseline of knowledge that our museum educators will build from.

Can I add a speaker to my field trip? Absolutely. Teachers can choose to add a speaker presentation to their field trip experience. In this presentation, students will hear the personal story of a survivor or descendent of a survivor with opportunities for Q&A. To inquire, please indicate on your request form.

Adds an additional 60 mins to the field trip for a 2.5 hour experience

How far in advance do I need to schedule a field trip? We appreciate requests that are at least three weeks in advance -- but will make every effort to accommodate all requests.

What should teachers/students do to prepare? Once the field trip is scheduled, we will send you information to share with your students about expectations and making the most of an in-person field trip. As stated above, field trips will no longer show our Survivor Voices film, so we highly encourage teachers to watch this 25-minute film in class before the field trip. We will also provide post-field trip debrief suggestions.

What days are you available for field trips? Monday - Friday from 9am - 5pm. Some Sunday visits can be arranged, just let us know.

Can students eat lunch at the Holocaust Center? We do not have the facilities for students to eat lunch at the Holocaust Center.

What should teachers/students bring with them to the Holocaust Center? Students will not be able to bring backpacks/large bags inside – please leave at school or on the bus. Weapons of any kind, including pocket knives and pepper spray, are absolutely prohibited from entering the Center.