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Field Trips - Now offered both in-person and virtually!

Exhibit: "Finding Light in the Darkness" - Grades 6 and up. Through artifacts and stories from local Holocaust survivors, students will begin to understand the history of the Holocaust and that their choices make a difference. A knowledgeable docent will highlight key stories, artifacts, images, and pivotal events featured in the Holocaust Center's exhibit. 

Virtual Field Trips on Zoom

(We will do our best to support video platforms besides Zoom.) Docents can tailor the material to your class. Minimum time commitment is 45 minutes. 

Recommended: Request a Teaching Trunk or Artifact Kit to use in the classroom at the same time as your virtual field trip. The docent will reference the replica artifacts in the trunk/kit, and encourage the students to explore the physical artifacts throughout the virtual field trip.

HolocaustCenter3 18 18 TDHS 85 StefanieFelixIn-person Field Trips are now possible!

VIsit the Holocaust Center for Humanity's Downtown Seattle location with your class or group. Minimum time commitment is 90 minutes. Visit includes an interactive exploration of the exhibit, a short film, and an activity. Note that masks are required for all visitors to the Holocaust Center. 

Tours available in Spanish by special request.

FAQs & Policies

Please review our FAQs & Policies (updates coming soon) before scheduling. 

Please submit a field trip request 3 weeks in advance for in-person; 2 weeks for virtual. At this time, we are not scheduling VFTs for schools/groups outside of the Northwest.  Please visit the Association of Holocaust Organizations' (AHO) membership database to find a local center or museum near you.

Questions? Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


The Virtual Field Trip program is made possible thanks to the University District Rotary Club and the Alfred & Tillie Shemanski Testamentary Trust.

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