Holocaust Center for Humanity

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Artifacts tell a unique story: a tangible piece of history, often personal.  Nearly all of the artifacts that are in the Holocaust Center for Humanity’s permanent collection are from local Holocaust survivors.  See the objects below (and many more) when you visit the Holocaust Center.  Plan your visit here! 

For educators: Replica versions of these featured artifacts can be borrowed to use in your classroom, along with Holocaust Center-created activities.  For more information and to reserve, visit our Teaching Trunks page. 
You may also engage your students in the same lessons even without the physical replicas: clicking on each image below links to a 3D object scan of that artifact.  Beside each image is a link to the writeup with deeper information.  (Click here for a PDF of all 11 artifact writeups.)

Blanket 600 x 429 px Blanket  | Learn More


boy scouts front2







Boy Scout Card | Learn More









   Cigarette Cards | Learn More


 Class Photo | Learn More



Displaced Children Album | LEARN MORE


Iron Cross | LEARN MORE 




Jewish Star | LEARN MORE



 Passport | LEARN MORE 


Ration Stamps | LEARN MORE



Photo of Resistance Fighters | LEARN MORE