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Student Leadership Board 2021-2022

Developing Compassionate Leaders through Education and Action.  Get involved and make a difference. 
Applications for the 2021-2022 SLB are now closed.  Thank you to all who applied!  Any questions?  Contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

THANK YOU to all the community members who heard the call from the SLB and donated household materials for refugees resettled in our area by JFS Seattle.


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 Leslie Sugiura, JFS Director for Outreach, Education & Volunteer Services
with welcome notes and two shelves full of household items collected by the SLB!

The Student Leadership Board:

  • Motivated and passionate students from across the state of Washington 
  • Spanning grades 7-12
  • Representing public schools, private schools, home schools
  • From a diverse set of backgrounds, ethnicities and religions
  • Coming together to learn, listen, and lead


Through Project-Based Learning, members of the Student Leadership Board develop skills for leadership and teamwork, creativity, critical thinking, and problem-solving while gaining a deeper understanding of the Holocaust and making a positive difference in their schools and in their communities.

The Student Leadership Board is selected through an application process.  Students commit to:

  • Participate in virtual meetings, twice a month.
  • Work together to carry out meaningful projects that support the Holocaust Center's mission and provide real-world leadership experience.
  • Provide feedback on the Holocaust Center's programs and serve as ambassadors.
  • Hear from community leaders.
  • Learn more about leadership, the Holocaust, human rights, genocide, and related local issues.
  • Work with the Holocaust Center’s artifacts and local Holocaust survivors.
  • Serve on the Student Leadership Board for one school year.


Projects from the 2020-2021 Student Leadership Board:

Speaking Out: Sharing Our Stories, Raising Awareness, Creating Change:

Members of the 2020-21 SLB were paired with members of the Holocaust Center's Speakers Bureau (Holocaust survivors and their descendants). Students were asked to present the person's story (in a medium of their choice) to their class/school/community. See their projects below!

Ine van Dam - By Emmit DeHart
Ada van Esso was a Dutch Jewish teen when her family left Meppels for Amsterdam. Ada van Esso survived Auschwitz, Ravensbrück and death marches. When the war was over Ada returned to Holland and married Hans van Dam. They moved to the Caribbean Island of Curaçao, Ada van Esso's legacy and story is carried on by her daughter Ine van Dam. In my art I decided to portray Ada van Esso story through a photo collage, from the story her daughter told me.

Emmit DeHart Ine van Dam 2021 1 

Ine van Dam - By Annabelle Falconer

Family Album: the Story of Ada van Esso and Ine-Marie van Dam - By Catherine Lirtsman 

Rolf Gompertz, survivor, and his son Ron Gompertz - By Ella Gonchar, Hannah and Alyssa Boden

Herbert Friedman, survivor, and his son Ron Friedman - By Lauren Sun

Herbert Friedman, survivor, and his son Ron Friedman - By Clementine Berg (See image below)

Clementine B Ron Herbert Friedman 1

Izzy Darakhovskiy, survivor - By Samara Nagel (See video below)


Tom Lenda, survivor, and his daughter, Hana Kern - By Talia LeVine and Nava Carlyle (See image below)

Talia L. and Nava C Hana Kern Tom Lenda 2021

Tom Lenda and Hana Kern - Play the Kahoot quiz by Liana Rodriguez and Matthew Sylvester!

Harriet Mendels, survivor - By Mario Falit-Baiamonte 

Harriet Mendels, survivor - By Shira Delcau and Talia Meglathery (See image below)

Talia Meglathery and Shira Delcau Harriet Mendels1024 1

Sam and Esther Goldberg, survivors, and daughter-in-law Karen Treiger - By Sam Ruzumna (See video below)


Charlotte Wollheim, survivor - By Abby Kroopkin

Charlotte Wollheim, survivor - By Natalie Lirtsman

Barbara Sachs D'Asaro, survivor - By Harry Bloom, Hannah Kellerman, Harmony Pham, and Gabe Regelbrugge

Betsy Touriel-Kapner Family Journey - By Brooke Mihlstin, Stella Gardner, and Grace Nesbit

Arik Cohen - By Devon Benaroya (See image below)

Devon B Arik Cohen

Arik Cohen - By Nora Campbell
My speaker was Arik Cohen. All four of his grandparents survived the Holocaust, and they all took very different paths during the Holocaust, but their children eventually ended up in the same place, which is what stood out to me the most. I drew and painted this map, and charted where each grandparent traveled during the Holocaust with a different color string. A few countries are filled in with prints of Arik’s grandparent’s documents.

Ingrid Steppic - By Hannah Stone and Anisha Singh - Listen to the Podcast! 

Ingrid Steppic - By Tyler Rubinstein 

Clarice Wilsey, daughter of Dr. David Wilsey - By Romi Silverman

Naomi's Story (Naomi Newman, daughter of Holocaust survivors) - By Noah Willson

All About Vera Federman - Instagram Stories designed by Mira Brown

Vera Federman - by Ava Miller and Samantha Tarlowe

Agi Day - By Matthew Gardner

Agi Day - By Owen Lee

Joe Lewinsohn - By Yzie Del Rosario, Max Hense, Delia Santel, and Owen Turcotte


Questions - email Ilana - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

This program is made possible thanks to the generous support of George Elbaum and Mimi Jensen, Paul and Leora Bloom, and Errol and Ruth Ann Ger. Special thanks also goes to the Henry M. Jackson Foundation.