Eva Tannenbaum Cummins circa 1931-32
Eva Tannenbaum Cummins circa 1931-32

"All of a sudden we hear 'Hitler's coming!' And of course everybody had to give the Hitler salute - except Jews to whom it was forbidden. And so my mother said, 'turn around.' And we quickly turned around toward a jewelry shop and watched the reflection of Hitler passing by." - Eva Tannenbaum Cummins

Eva was born in Berlin in 1922. She was 11 when Hitler came to power and laws against Jews increased rapidly: Her father, a newspaper critic, was fired from his job, and in fifth grade, Eva and her Jewish peers were expelled. Her father died of a heart attack only a couple of years later. After more than a year of desperately trying to leave Germany, Eva's mother was able to arrange an affidavit from a cousin in Seattle, and they left Germany in July 1939. They arrived in Seattle with only $20, as Nazi law restricted them from carrying more.

Eva attended high school in Seattle, married, and raised two children in the Seattle area. She became a successful actress and wrote an autobiographical one-woman show, "A Page from the Past...Or Is It?" Eva continues to live in Seattle, telling her story as a member of the Speakers Bureau at the Holocaust Center for Humanity.

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