Docent Training Materials

Docent Training 1: Exhibit Overview


Exhibit Overview


Class PhotoDescription | Printable Version | Lesson Plan

Passport: Description | Printable Version | Lesson Plan

Typewriter: Description | Printable Version | Lesson Plan

Bowl from Allach: Description | Printable Version | Lesson Plan  


Docent Training 2: Changing World


Changing World


Cigarette Card Album and CardsDescription | Printable Version | Lesson Plan

Forbidden Book and Book Burning PhotoDescription | Printable Version | Lesson Plan

BadgesDescription | Printable Version | Lesson Plan


General Holocaust Resources

Holocaust Encyclopedia (USHMM)

Interactive Timeline of Events (USHMM)

Printable Timeline of Events (USHMM)

Common Questions about the Holocaust

36 Questions (link to the Simon Wiesenthal Center's Museum of Tolerance)

Glossary (link to the USHMM)

Guidelines for Teaching the Holocaust 

Statistics - Jewish Populations and Losses by Country (pdf)


Tell Them We Remember: the Story of the Holocaust, by Susan D. Bachrach. A Holocaust overview geared toward students.

The World Must Know: the History of the Holocaust As Told in the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum, by Michael Berenbaum. A comprehensive Holocaust primer. 


With My Own Eyes: Holocaust. Genocide. Today.

The Path to Nazi Genocide