Why did we choose the theme, "Investigating the Holocaust: What Happened and Why?"

A study of the Holocaust teaches not only critical lessons in history, but leads to an investigation of human behavior, moral courage, and social responsibility. Studying the Holocaust helps to illustrate what can happen when people hate - something that unfortunately is not limited to one time or place.

Through teaching and studying the Holocaust, we encourage teachers and students alike to examine the historical context of the Holocaust as well as its importance in our society. This subject, raising questions of justice, individual identity, group identity, peer pressure, conformity, indifference, citizenship, and power, challenges students to confront these same issues often present in their daily lives.

Contents of Middle School Trunk & Annotated Bibliography

The contents of this trunk include multiple copies of selected books that can be used for reading groups. These books are Anne Frank: Diary of a Young Girl, Devil’s Arithmetic, Friedrich, and Milkweed. There are 6 copies of each of these books in the trunk.

You will also find four copies of Parallel Journeys and Terrible Things, and two copies of Rutka’s Notebook.

There are a number of single copy books included in the trunk along with several dvds, posters and resoures for the teacher. The trunk contains books and materials at a variety of reading and skill levels. Please look at the list of trunk contents for details.

Optional Additional Materials for Middle School Trunk

Is there a book or dvd that you would like to use with your students that's not in the trunk? Or would you like additional copies of a specific title?

Please indicate the title of the item on your trunk request form by writing, "please add..." in the comment field. 

Please review the contents of the trunk before requesting that additional materials be added.

We have lots of materials at the Holocaust Center. If you would like additional materials on a specific subject matter, let us know and we can suggest grade appropriate resources.

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