Why did we choose the theme, “Through the Eyes of Children?”

This trunk, devoted to the Holocaust as perceived by children, attempts to share the experiences of just a few of the one and a half million children who perished, as well as the stories of the youth who managed to survive, and the courageous stories of individuals who risked their lives to help others. Through this focus on children, students will attain a more personal understanding of the Holocaust and the difficult circumstances with which people were faced.

Students are encouraged to consider the effects of stereotyping, alienation, and prejudice. It is through the study of the Holocaust that students can learn about social and individual responsibility, decision making, and the difference just one person can make.

Contents of 5th/6th Grade Trunk & Annotated Bibliography

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  • The contents of this trunk include multiple copies of selected books to be used for reading groups. These books are Daniel’s Story (10 copies), Number the Stars (15 copies), Sharing is Healing (5 copies), and Hana’s Suitcase (15 copies) and Yellow Star (15 copies).
  • The trunk contains books and materials at a variety of reading and skill levels.
  • This trunk also contains posters, several dvds, and single copy books for students and teachers. Please look over the annotated bibliography for details.

Optional Additional Materials for 5th/6th Grade Trunk

  • Is there a book or dvd that you would like to use with your students that's not in the trunk? Or is there a title for which you would like additional copies?
  • Please indicate the title of the item on your trunk request form by writing, "please add..." in the comment field.
  • Please review the contents of the trunk before requesting that additional materials be added.
  • We have lots of materials at the Holocaust Center. If you would like additional materials on a specific subject matter, let us know and we can suggest grade appropriate resources.

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