I really think that in small ways, we are changing the world.
-Teacher at Charles Wright Academy, Tacoma

The Holocaust Center for Humanity has been working with educators to create comprehensive and user-friendly Holocaust Teaching Trunks.

  • Within Washington State: Trunks and classroom sets of books are free for all educators to borrow. A suggested donation of $20 helps to keep this program running and is greatly appreciated.  Donate Now - Thank you!
  • Outside of Washington State: Shipping and handling charges will apply. Trunks are shipped via FedEx Ground and weigh approximately 75 pounds.

Trunks 2009 6 small

  • Holocaust Trunks contain a complete Holocaust unit – including books for an entire class, books for various reading levels, activities, maps, posters, videos, and guides for teachers.
  • The Holocaust Center currently has trunks in three levels - 5th/6th Grade Trunks, Middle School Trunks (7th/8th Grade), and High School Trunks.
  • Trunks are loaned out for four weeks at a time, unless special arrangements are made with the Holocaust Center.
  • Trunks are sent to teachers across Washington State at no charge to the teacher or to the school.
  • Requests from Washington State are given first priority. Outside Washington - requests filled based on availability. Shipping charges will apply. (Trunks are sent FedEx Ground).
  • The initial research and three trunks were funded as a pilot project by a grant from Costco and a grant from Marsha and Jay Glazer. Additional trunks were funded by individuals to honor family members and Holocaust experiences.
  • $850 - Adopts one trunk for the school year.  This amount covers shipping the trunk to and from schools and replacing materials.
  • $3000 - Underwrites the cost of a trunk.  You, your organization, and/or the person you wish to honor, will be acknowledged in the trunk, on our website, and on all trunk publicity materials.