I have never seen my class more captivated.

- Teacher, Kilo Middle School, Auburn

 When I read the books it gave me a personal connection to a REAL person in the Holocaust.... then when we discussed the HISTORY, I had a personal connection from the story to put with the history.

-Student, John Sedgwick Jr. High, Port Orchard 


The Holocaust teaching trunks are in constant demand.  Last year, the trunks were used 118 times by 8000 students in the state of Washington.

Help us to keep this program free for teachers and schools! At a time when budgets and programs are being cut, teachers need support and resources that are free.

$850 - Adopts one trunk for the 2015-2016 school year

  • You will be providing at least 7 schools in Washington State with the opportunity to use this incredible resource.  
  • This amount covers the cost of shipping the trunks round-trip - from the Holocaust Center to the school and back.
  • You, your organization, and/or the person you wish to honor, will be acknowledged in the Holocaust Center's newsletter, and on the Center's website.

$3000 - Underwrites a trunk

  • Your trunk provides at least 7 schools (approximately 500 students!) each year with the opportunity to use these valuable resources.
  • You, your organization, and/or the person you wish to honor, will be acknowledged in the trunk, the Holocaust Center's newsletter, on the Center's website, and on all trunk publicity materials.

Any and all contributions to the trunk program are appreciated. 
Support is always needed to cover the costs of sending the trunks to and from schools.  (Schools/teachers are not charged to borrow trunks.)

For more information please email Karen Chachkes, Development Director at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 206-582-3000.

Checks can be mailed to:
Holocaust Center
Attn: Teaching Trunks
2045 Second Avenue
Seattle, WA  98121

Thank you to those who help make this program possible:

Grants Received Supporting the Trunk Program (since 2005)

  • Bellevue Sunrise Rotary Club
  • City of Seattle Office of Arts & Cultural Affairs
  • Claims Conference
  • Costco
  • Jewish Federation Special Initiatives Fund
  • Marsha and Jay Glazer Foundation
  • Stanley R. & Frances Roth Schill Foundation
  • University Rotary Club
  • Verizon

Trunk Underwriters

  • Allen, Elsie, Jessica, and Talia Klein in honor of Ludwig Klein
  • Dr. David Springer and Helene Lockman in honor of Rosa Friesem
  • Henry Friedman in honor of Julia Symchuk (rescuer)
  • Jeannie Butler
  • Sheldon Balberman in honor of his parents
  • Susan Covey, Jorgen Metzon, and Jeanette Calderon in honor of their parents Ruth and Martin Metzon


Adopt-a-Trunk Participants for the 2014-2015 school year! 

  • Stacey and Tom Brody
  • Celie and Zane Brown
  • Melissa and Zane Brown
  • Larry Flinn
  • David and Sharron Hartman 
  • Margo MacVicar-Whalen 
  • Natalie Mayer
  • Pamela Mayer
  • Richard and Barbara Shikiar
  • Carol and Alan Sidell
  • Chuck Stempler
  • Sheila and Craig Sternberg 
  • Joyce Yamane