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Commemorating International Holocaust Remembrance Day and the 75th Anniversary of the Liberation of Auschwitz | January 25, 2020,  7:30pm | New Location!  Town Hall, Seattle - 1119 8th Avenue, Seattle WA 98101 | Free - Advanced Registration Required

The story of Jose Arturo Castellanos, the Latin American Wallenberg. Screening of the documentary short film with live musical soundtrack. 

"THE RESCUE - A Live Film-Concerto" is a performative film experience that combines a 60-min documentary film with a live musical performance of its musical soundtrack - to recount the little-known story of 'Righteous' Colonel José Arturo Castellanos. Castellanos collaborated with his Jewish friend to save thousands of Jewish lives during the Holocaust by issuing Salvadoran nationality certificates while working as a diplomat; putting his life and family at great risk. This ground-breaking Film-Concerto concept was developed by filmmakers Alvaro and Boris Castellanos, grandsons of Colonel Castellanos as an emotionally engaging and uplifting way to tell the story of their grandfather and as a pioneering narrative in Holocaust education and commemoration of the "Righteous Among the Nations."



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This program is made possible by a generous gift from Steven Baral.