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The Light of Hope - Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival 

Saturday, February 1, 2020 | 7:00pm | In Spanish, Catalan, and French (English Subtitles) - 96 mins | Tickets and More Info
In the early 1940s, refugees from all over Europe sought shelter in southwest France, escaping persecution from the Nazis and Franco’s regime in Spain. Among them are countless women, some pregnant, and their small children. Young Red Cross nurse Elisabeth Eidenbenz transforms an old villa into a birth clinic, saving mothers and children alike from certain death. But soon authorities in Nazi-occupied France demand that she hand over all Jewish refugees and their children. Based on a true story, “The Light of Hope” offers a vivid and inspiring look at a largely untold chapter of Jewish (and world) history.

The Holocaust Center for Humanity is a proud sponsor of the Spokane Jewish Cultural Film Festival.